Nigel’s Boss

Before he got too busy with customers’ work, Doug fixed Nigel’s Boss.  The ejector on the right had barrel had not been ejecting properly.  Doug soon diagnosed it as a loose loop which was not allowing the ejector spring to site properly.

He heated up the loop and re-tinned to fix.  After cleaning it up and checking, the ejector worked perfectly.

Now that the season is over, the Boss is going to get a through overhaul – the rib had come a bit loose so it’s being stripped and relaid.  That means that the barrels will have to be reblacked, and Nigel is taking the opportunity to get Doug to put a few layers of oil on the stock so that it gleams with an English finish again.

Once it’s back from the blackers, we’ll post some photos of the shiny new gun!

Re-tinning to fix
Cleaning off the excess tin