Visit by Game Bird Shooting

Sarah White (CPSA Coach of the Year 2015) and Chip Smith of Game Bird Shooting came for a visit to the workshop last week.

After half an hour in the Gun Room playing with the guns, Sarah and Chip chose a couple of side by sides for them to shoot in the British Side by Side Competition at the AGL Shooting Ground on 25 August.  Unless we sell them first …

We are really looking forward to working with Game Bird Shooting and their clients.  One of the things we’ll be doing together is gun fitting and alterations.  We have set up a pattern plate, so Chip and Sarah can bring a client to the workshop, fit the gun properly, and then Doug will take the measurements straight from the try gun.  Once the customer’s gun has been fitted, it’s back to the pattern plate for any final adjustments which we can make there and then.  It should ensure a perfect fit!